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The portal is currently closed while we upload the 2024 tax role informtion. Please contact our office directly with any property tax questions about your property.

Our Contingency Fee Structure

No Savings, No Fee


A percentage of the tax SAVINGS for a portfolio of one to five commercial properties.


A percentage of the tax SAVINGS for a portfolio of one to five residential investment properties.


Reach out to our office for a portfolio specific quote for larger accounts or if you prefer a hybrid fee.


How long will the onboarding process take?

You will receive a confirmation email from our onboarding team upon receipt of your submission. The electronic sign up documents will be emailed to you at the address provided within 24 hours.

A copy of the signed Agreement will be forwarded to you upon completion.  

What is the next step?

A second email may be sent to you requesting additional documentation once a consultant has reviewed your new file. Examples can include the closing statement for a new purchase or documentation of damage that was noted by a property owner during the property submission process.

Next, our office will file the appeal with the appraisal district, build a case for reduction and attend the scheduled hearings on your behalf. If any questions or need for additional information should arise, our staff will reach out to you.

When will I know the results?

The large majority of hearings take place during the summer months. Once your hearings are complete, PCG will send you a report detailing the final assessed values and the resulting tax savings.