Dallas Commercial Property Tax Protest

Property Consulting Group is your partner in appealing Dallas commercial property valuations. Our goal is to make sure our clients get a fair valuation for their property as it stood on January 1st of the year in question. We have successfully achieved valuation reductions for commercial real estate and personal property through all administrative levels, ad valorem litigation support services, and binding arbitration appeals.

Dallas Commercial Property Tax Consultants

When you receive your commercial property tax appraisal from DCAD (Dallas Central Appraisal District) be sure to call us. We will use our over ten years of experience in real estate and tax appeals to gather the proper evidence in showing your tax valuation is inaccurate. Not only that, we will do the work of finding comparable properties to prove what your tax valuation should be to get you a fair tax bill. With so many elements playing into the value of your commercial property, it is a process best left to the commercial real estate tax experts at PCG.

May 31st is your deadline for filing an appeal. Don’t wait until you receive your valuation. Call us today to allow ample time to build your case. Remember, you don’t pay, unless we win, so there is no risk in having us in your corner. Call now or fill out the form today. 281-880-6500