Galveston Commercial Property Tax Consultants

Did you receive your annual commercial property tax valuation from the Galveston Central Appraisal District? Did the valuation seem inaccurate or too high? At Property Consulting Group, we have successfully garnered valuation reductions for commercial real estate and personal property through all administrative levels, ad valorem litigation support services, and binding arbitration appeals. With over 10 years of experience in real estate and tax appeals, we’ll do the legwork of gathering the necessary comparable properties and evidence to prove the fair value of your commercial property. With property taxes being such a large cost for your business, this process is best left to the pros at PCG.

Galveston Commercial Property Tax Protest

We’ll handle the entire process for you. From investigative work and gathering of evidence, to filing the appeal and presenting your case to the review board. We have extensive experience with appraisal review boards, their processes, and formalities. When your case is complete, you only will pay Property Consulting Group if you receive a reduction in your commercial property tax valuation.

May 31st Deadline

Property tax assessments are based on the value of your property as it stood on January 1st of the year in question. Valuations typically are out in March or early April and you have until May 31st to file your commercial property tax protest. Don’t wait another minute! Call 281-880-6500 or contact Property Consulting Group today to get the process started.