Did you know you could protest your commercial property valuation? If you think your assessment came in too high, appealing your property valuation could save you a lot of money.

Like everything related to taxes and the government, the idea of going through the steps to appeal your property taxes can be daunting. As business owners often think in terms of ROI, you might wonder, “will the effort be worth the gains?” To help you sort through that answer, we have seven excellent reasons to go ahead with filing your Houston commercial property tax appeal. (Don’t wait! The deadline is May 15th)

Could you sell your property for the assessed value?

Let us handle the paperwork.

If your valuation came back at a higher number than you could sell the property for, you should absolutely appeal your property taxes.

Are other properties like yours assessed at what yours was assessed at?

Have you seen other properties very similar to your’s sell recently? What was the final sale price? If it was lower than your valuation, appeal!

Did your property undergo renovations this year?

Renovations can be tricky for a commercial property. If your property was rendered dysfunctional for part of the year during renovations, if your income earned fell due to renovation closures, or if your property was in disrepair before renovations you may need to appeal your property taxes. Valuations are determined by the way your property stood on January 1 of the year in question, so if your property value was altered after January 1, and adjustment might be necessary.

Did your property suffer damage this year?

The Harris County Appraisal District has many properties to evaluate each year. If your property was damaged and that was not accounted for, you should protest your property valuation.

Was your property damaged or dysfunctional on January 1?

Again, January 1 is the most important date on your calendar for property tax values. If your property was damaged or dysfunctional on the first of the year, you should appeal if your valuation does not account for it.

Did your property lose income this year?

Income-generating properties are valued based on the income they produce. If the income your property generated was less than previous years, your value may need to be adjusted to account for it.

We’ll do it for you. Making your work in the process quick and painless.

Taxes make business owners cringe, which is why most business owners have an accountant. The same applies to your property taxes. You don’t have to go through any lengthy processes to appeal your property taxes – just let the experts at Property Consulting Group handle it for you. All you need to do is fill out a short form and we will take care of the rest!

Start today by calling 281-880-6500 or filling out this request today.

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