You might be wondering if there will be a re-appraisal of your property for tax purposes due to the damage from hurricane Harvey. Since property taxes are based on the value of your property as it stood on January 1 of each year, the hurricane damage that occurred in 2017, after the first of the year, may not affect this tax year. But, it should affect next year, and here is what you need to do to ensure a fair valuation for 2018.

  • Document the condition of your property right after the storm. Take photos, save estimates for repairs, and keep documentation of tenants having to move out or other negative effects the hurricane damage has had on your business.
  • Document how your property stands on January 1, 2018. Take photos on that day, especially if it is still damaged or not fully repaired.

Keeping good documentation will make 2018 commercial property tax appeals go more smoothly. If the Harris County Appraisal District doesn’t make the adjustments to the property value initially in next year’s appraisals, proper documentation could help save you a great deal on your 2018 tax bill.

When you receive your 2018 commercial property valuation, it is important to take note of appropriate value adjustments. If your property is still damaged or is in a flood zone that could expect to see flooding again, you should see a decrease in that valuation. If you do not, call the experts here at Property Consulting Group. 281-880-6500

Resource: Please review this memo from the Harris County Appraisal District about damaged properties. Some of the information could apply to your property.

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