Are you thinking about hiring a commercial property tax consultant to help you protest your commercial property’s valuation, but are not sure if you stand a chance of a reduction? Amongst the millions of pots a business owner has their hands in, it can be difficult to assess what is worth investing time in and what is not. After all, time is money. That’s why we at Property Consulting Group offer you a quick list of five clear reasons to take the time to appeal your Houston commercial property taxes:

1. Large increase versus last year’s assessment

If your commercial property assessment arrived at a much higher number than last year’s assessment, you may consider a Houston commercial property tax appeal. A sudden jump without good reason could mean a mistake was made and you may be able to get your commercial value lowered.

2. Property damage or loss

If you experienced damage to your property over the last year, you should consider protesting your property valuation. There is a chance the damage was not taken into consideration. Remember the value is based on the property on January 1st of the given year, so you need to keep that in mind if your damage occurred afterward.

3. Property changes such as expansions and improvements

If you made any changes to your property in the last year, you may have a reason to appeal your property taxes. Our tax experts can help you assess the precise situation to make a decision that works for you.

4. External influences affecting your commercial property

There are plenty of outside influences that can affect the value of your commercial property. If the surrounding area was hit hard by a flood or hurricane, if there is a great deal of nearby road construction inhibiting access, rerouted traffic, expanded freeways, eminent domain issues, etc. If these things affect your ability to conduct business due to foot traffic changes or property values falling, a property tax appeal would be highly recommended.

5. Changes in occupancy

Commercial properties with multiple tenants can experience a flux in occupancy for a variety of reasons. If your property has a dramatic change in occupancy, you might consider a property tax protest. The value of your property is not just about the property, but its ability to make money for the business so anything that affects that, is worth investigating a property tax appeal.

Houston Commercial Property Tax Appeal

So what does it take to appeal your Houston commercial property taxes? At Property Consulting Group, we make it very easy. As your best choice of Houston commercial property tax consultants, we simply require you provide us the basic information about your property and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll file the appeal, gather evidence of the fair property value, attend the hearing and take care of everything for you. To get started, give us a call or contact us today! 281-880-6500

Don’t wait! You must file by May 15th!

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