As your trusted Houston commercial property tax consultants, we are dedicated to keeping you informed of the big news that affects your property tax appraisals and bill. In December, we were reminded that some Texans who are recovering from Hurricane Harvey will be able to pay their 2017 and 2018 property taxes in four installments without penalty or interest. This is thanks to Texas Tax Code 31.032.

Who is Eligible?

Homeowners and small businesses that were damaged in the hurricane and in a declared disaster area can pay their taxes in four installments. To qualify it must be a residential property with no more than four units, which can be a small business with gross receipts of less than $5.7 million.

Steps You Must Take To Make Installments:

By January 31st, you must pay 25% of your property tax bill and inform your local taxing unit that you intend to pay in installments. Then pay the additional three installments of 25% by the following due dates: March 31, May 31 and July 31.

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For more details read the KPRC news story or check out the tax code directly.

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