Contact Your County Appraisal District if You Don’t have Your Property Valuation by the End of April

Commercial property valuations are arriving in mailboxes across the state as we speak. Most counties will have valuations out by the end of April. If you find yourself without your valuation in May, call your county appraisal districts such as Harris HCAD, Dallas DCAD, or Galveston Galveston Central Appraisal District, or you can call our office. (281) 880-6500

Just because you did not receive your valuation, does not mean you shouldn’t be aware of it and assess it for accuracy. Human error and mail service could leave your commercial property valuation “out of sight, out of mind” which could cost you when it comes time to pay your tax bill. Make sure you receive your property valuation so that you can file your tax appeal before the May 31st deadline.

Call today if you have any questions: (281) 880-6500 


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