There are a few ways you can know you might benefit from hiring a property tax consulting firm to help you appeal your commercial property tax bill. If the items below do not apply to you, just call us. With a short phone call, we can quickly determine if our services would benefit you and your business.


Did your commercial property tax bill just arrive leaving you shocked at the amount of money you have to pay? With increases in property tax assessments being as high as 50% some years, you could be shocked when you open your new property tax bill. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, it is most likely too late this year to appeal. But don’t wait for your spring tax assessment to arrive, call us now to sign up for next year.We’ve all been there before; you receive a spring property tax assessment that seems high, and you have great intentions for filing an appeal. But then the busyness of life puts it out of your mind and you miss the May 31st deadline, or you completely forget about it until the tax bill arrives in late fall. With Property Consulting Group you don’t have to wait for your assessment to arrive in the spring, you can call us today. We’ll put you on the list for a property tax appeal for next year and take it from there. With just a few pieces of information to us now, you can forget about this year’s monstrous tax bill and look forward to a fair tax bill next year.


If your commercial property experienced a significant change in the past year, your assessment could be completely inaccurate. At Property Consulting Group we assess the fair market value of your property by comparing it with similar properties. If a change has occurred with your property, we’ll be sure to find the right information to conduct an assessment that takes the changes into consideration. If you think your property value has changed in the negative and this is not reflected in your tax bill or your property tax assessment call us right away to get started.Call 281-880-6500 or fill out the contact us tab to start the commercial property tax appeal process now.

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