In Houston and all of Texas, property taxes are high compared to other states. The reason for our high property taxes is that it is the main source of funding for local services such as schools, emergency services, and municipal utilities. Without a state income tax, revenue has to be higher from other sources.

To calculate commercial property taxes there is a step-by-step process that must take place first:

  • The county appraisal district determines the current value of each property every year.
  • Exemptions are subtracted. (Exemptions are offered to charities and for solar or wind energy devices. The majority of commercial properties do NOT qualify for any exemptions.)
  • Tax rates are then set by the various local taxing entities such as school districts, cities, counties, and others during publicly held meetings.
  • Your tax is calculated and you receive your tax bill – usually between October and December. (You could receive several bills, as each taxing jurisdiction may bill you individually. The possibilities include the school district, the county, and the municipality.)
  • Tax payments are due in January.

Calculating Your Commercial Property Tax Rate

To calculate your commercial property tax gather your assessed property value, exemptions, and local tax rates.

To get the number, first subtract your exemptions from the full assessed property value.

Then use the tax rate percentage and the remaining property value to calculate your tax bill.

If a property is worth $125,000. Has a $25,000 exemption. And the total tax rate is 1.5% the property owner will have to pay $1,500.

$125,000 – $25,000 = $100,000. 1.5% of $100,000 is $1,500.

The accurate valuation of your commercial property value is the most important part of ensuring you pay a fair tax bill. Once the property value is assessed each year, you have until May 15th to file an appeal if you feel the assessment is inaccurate.

Our team offers expert advice and will even handle your commercial property tax protest for you! Call today to ensure your case is filed before the May 15th deadline. 281-880-6500

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