If you have just received your 2019 commercial property tax bill or property valuation, you may feel sticker shock. With Houston’s growing economy, property valuations and taxes are going up with it. This might leave you wondering how you can lower your property taxes to avoid a similar shock in the future. With a quick online search, you likely have discovered that protesting your property taxes or appealing your valuation is an excellent tactic to ensure fair taxation – but how do you get started?

Option 1: File an appeal with your local appraisal district by the May 15th deadline. This is the best option because NOT all properties will qualify for option two – which means you could be out of luck if you wait.

Option 2: If you miss the deadline you can file a Correction Appeal which is a more complicated process.

Both options above can be completed by the property owner or by a hired tax consultant.

How to Protest Commercial Property Taxes

How to protest my property taxes

To protest your property taxes directly go to the HCAD website (or your local appraisal district if you’re outside of Harris County) and file your appeal before the May 15th deadline.

Once you have filed for an appeal, you will need to do some homework to prepare for your review board hearing.

  • Gather documentation to support the claim that your commercial property valuation was unfairly high. This can include receipts, photos, and other business documentation supporting the lower value.
  • Investigate and collect evidence of the value of comparable properties.

Attend your scheduled appraisal review board hearing to present your documentation. Your new valuation will be determined on the same day as your hearing.

Commercial Property Tax Consultants

If you’re like most business owners, you have your strengths and weaknesses all combined with heavy demands for your time. By hiring a professional property tax consultant, you’ll save time while benefiting from expertise in all things property taxes.

By simply filling out one quick form and answering a few follow-up questions afterward, you can trust the matter will be handled with the utmost care and thoroughness. Our team will investigate the property value, gather evidence, and attend your appeal hearing on your behalf. With over 40 years of combined experience assessing property values and providing appropriate evidence to prove when valuations are inaccurate, our commercial property tax experts are your best choice for protesting your Houston property valuation.

If you missed the deadline but still would like to protest your property valuation, we urge you to choose a consultant. The correction appeal process is much more complex and a tax consultant is your best option.

We are confident we can help. Call today to get started. 281-880-6500

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