Filing your commercial property tax appeal before the May 15th deadline is the biggest hurdle you face as a property owner. Once we file this paperwork on your behalf, PCG will get to work on preparing your case for the Harris County Appraisal Review Board. Wondering what that process includes? Here is what our very important next steps look like:

Investigate the Fair Property Value

At PCG we dig in deep to find out what the value of your property appraisal should be. For most properties, we will look at property records, consider the fair market value and measure your property against comparable properties. We’ll visit the property in person if special conditions have occurred since our last visits, such as poor visibility, poor access or possible flooding so we can have first-hand knowledge of this change. When it comes to income-producing commercial properties, we also review the financials and perform an income analysis. One of the best ways to assess the value of a commercial property is to evaluate the income it generates.

Present Property Value Evidence to Appraisal Review Board

With all of our investigative work behind us, PCG is prepared to arrive at your Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearing with evidence on hand. As the property owner, you don’t need to attend the hearing; PCG will handle everything for you. The entire hearing will last 15 minutes. We will split the time with the Harris County Appraiser as each of us to share our findings with a panel of three individuals who will hear the case. At the end of the hearing, the panel makes their determination and sets the new value for the year.

New Valuation Determined the Same Day

Since the ARB makes their determination at the end of the hearing, we will be able to input the information into our system the same day. The system refreshes each night which means you will know your new valuation the very next morning through our online client portal.

If you have any questions about your property tax protest, please call us at any time. 281-880-6500


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