UPDATED: 3/7/2020

In deciding to build a business in Houston, one of the most frequently asked questions is “What are the commercial property tax rates?” It is a bit of a loaded question, but we would be happy to give you the most relevant answer we can without having a specific property address.

What is the business property tax rate in Houston?

Commercial property tax rates vary by location based on the taxing entity that applies to you. This could be a local school district, municipal utility district, or other local taxing jurisdiction. Tax rates are decided after property valuations come in and are based on revenue needs. For the detailed information about your precise property tax rates, use the links at the bottom of this blog.

The average effective commercial property tax rate in Harris County (home of Houston), Texas is 2.09%. How does this compare to the rest of the state and country? Well, it is a little on the higher side. All of Texas comes in at an average property tax rate of 1.83% and the national average is 1.08%.

The average commercial property tax rates* for other Texas counties are:

  • Galveston County: 1.30%
  • Dallas County: 1.99%
  • Travis County: 1.80%
  • Tarrant County: 2.16%
  • Montgomery: 1.83%
  • Brazoria: 2.00%

The taxes you pay on your commercial property changes each year with the assessment of your property value. This is a large expense for many businesses which is why having a fair and accurate property valuation is important. At Property Consulting Group, our goal is to help you protest your property tax valuation if it is not accurate so that your tax costs will land where they should. If you think your property value is inaccurate, give us a call today! (281) 880-6500 The deadline for filing your property tax appeal is May 15th, don’t wait!

*Rates are for 2019.

Property Tax Resources By County:

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