If you’ve received your 2016 Harris County commercial property tax assessment and feel it is unfairly high, you can appeal the property tax value to lower your bill. After several years of growth, the Houston economy is beginning to slow due to oil prices falling. While this has not stopped growth entirely, it has slowed. If you’re thinking of appealing your property taxes, May 31
is the big deadline to file a protest of your 2016 commercial property valuation.

The Impact of the Houston Area Economy

While oil prices have been declining since 2014, other sectors have been offsetting the losses of the oil industry. Growth in construction, retail, education services, healthcare and other industries have kept the Houston economy growing but more modestly than the previous four years.

Despite slowed growth, commercial real estate remains a popular investment. Overall commercial real estate sales volumes were down in 2015 from 2014, but the prices of several commercial property types still rose.

Harris County Commercial Tax Assessments

The average Harris County commercial property tax assessment for 2016 appraisals increased 19%. This is reflective of the slowed economy as 2015 appraisals showed higher increases. If your commercial property tax appraisal seems off the mark for the current market trends, contact us. If your property value has not increased at the rate of the average commercial property, call us. We’ll help you appeal the valuation so you can pay a fair tax on a fairly assessed property value.

What do we do?

We’ll do the legwork to find comparable properties to assess the fair market value of your commercial property. Our comparison will be presented to the Harris County Appraisal District as evidence of your over-valuation. We perform thousands of property tax protests per year to reduce property appraisal values for our clients. There is no risk in protesting your property valuation and so much to gain. You pay no fees unless we save you money. Call today to get the process started. 281-880-6500

Don’t forget May 31st is your filing deadline.

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