At Property Consulting Group we work hard to make sure our clients get a fair reduction in their property tax assessment protest. Property taxes are one of the biggest annual costs a property owner can face, making it vital to demand a fair property tax appraisal from your local central appraisal district. While the results of a professional property tax appeal are what is first and foremost on your mind, it is equally as important to choose a tax consulting firm that will give you the best service and keep you informed throughout the process. Property Consulting Group is a boutique tax consulting firm that meets both of those goals, thanks to our customer-centered approach and popular client database login.


Besides returning calls promptly and being readily available to our clients day in and day out, one of the ways in which PCG keeps our clients informed about their case is through our client database login feature. As a PCG client, you will be given secure access to our database through an easy to use online portal. This portal will allow you to see your tax forms anytime you wish.Within your client portfolio, you’ll be able to view historical taxable values for each of your properties, as well as tax rates, savings and the current property tax liability. Your portfolio will be updated nightly with any new information we have uncovered for your case. You can even generate reports with a variety of sort methods, giving you all the information you need at your fingertips, anytime.


When your case is reviewed by your local Texas appraisal review board, our database will be updated and synced that night. You’ll be able to log in the very next morning to see your new property tax assessment valuation before we’ve had a chance to get on the phone and update you after a long day of litigations. Keeping you informed in a timely fashion can ease your mind as a property owner and allow you more time to prepare payment for that looming tax bill.At Property Consulting Group you’ll always have direct access to your consultant and your tax files, allowing you to stay informed throughout the process from day one until the process is complete. If you’re unsure if your property tax assessments have been fairly valued, call today 281-880-6500 or sign up here. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

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