When you receive your commercial property tax appraisal, each year you might see the words DCAD or Dallas Central Appraisal District on the paperwork. While you may understand that they are accountable for appraising property in the Dallas area, you may have questions about all of DCAD’s responsibilities.


The Dallas Central Appraisal District appraises property in all of Dallas County each year; covering over 900 square miles and approximately 815,000 tax accounts. Formed similarly to a corporation, the DCAD has a Board of Directors to represent the 61 governments of Dallas County. That board appoints a Chief Appraiser, who handles the daily operation of the DCAD. The chief appraiser and his/her staff are responsible for appraising properties in Dallas County. Appraisers use a great deal of information, available to them while in the field from the Mass Appraisal Record System to evaluate and appraise each property. Besides inspecting the property in detail, they review records such as geographic information, flood plains, city limits, school districts and other boundaries to make as fair an appraisal as possible.


If you feel your Dallas property’s appraised value is not accurate, you file a property tax protest through DCAD that would be reviewed by the Dallas County Appraisal Review Board (ARB). The Dallas ARB is a group of locally appointed private citizens. It is vital that the ARB stay neutral therefore no appraisal district employees or officers’ former or current can sit on the ARB. No person whose close relatives work as professional tax agents or tax appraisers may be on the ARB, amongst other conflicts of interest laws.The Dallas County Appraisal Review Board will hear and determine property appraisal protests initiated by property owners, challenges initiated by taxing units, correct clerical errors in appraisal records, determine if exemption granting is proper and approve final appraisal records.At Property Consulting Group we have worked extensively with both the Dallas Central Appraisal District and the Dallas County Appraisal Review Board. May 31st is your deadline for filing a property tax protest, contact us today to get your appeal filed. 281-880-6500

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